Announcing Month 1

The new year has begun!  Join us all month long on Tsiyon Road for our special programming and celebration. The first sliver of the first month of the year was observed in Jerusalem, Israel. Making today, April 7, 2019, the first day of the new year.  Month 1 begins this…

Time is a Wheel

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Better things in store…    more

Resurrection Power

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Have you got the power?    …more

Rebellion Against Authority

Who is the real Authority?   …more

No more democide

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No more democide!   ..more

Announcing Month 13

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Today, March 8, 2019, in Jerusalem, Israel, witnesses observed the first sliver of Month 13. Month 13 begins this evening at sunset, as the barley is not yet mature in the land. Tsiyon Road radio broadcasts in Holy Time. Find out more by visiting the website Holy Time calendar. Or…

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