Ends of Ages

History repeats itself. Remember, even the devil can quote Scripture, but when he is quoting Scripture, he is lying about it. Don’t be surprised that he has a lot of friends and followers who do the same thing. The very purpose of all those failed predictions is to turn the simple-minded away from the only sure …

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Real Authority

Do you recognize real authority? “By what authority do you do these things? Or who gave you this authority to do these things?” Mark 11:28 Authority to do what things? Besides cleaning out the Temple, casting out demons from the demonically oppressed. Healing the sick, deaf, blind and lame, and raising the dead. Doing many …

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Inspected by the King

Inspected by the King. What Luke 11 and history shows us is that there is a day of divine inspection, and where appropriate a day of judgment that follows upon those who exploit the Word of God for their own personal enrichment.      …more