The Good News According to Mark

Good news!

Everybody loves good news! While good news about the economy is always welcome, we all know that can change quickly. The good news of Y’shua the Messiah – that’s a very different story. It is real news, good news, that changes everything forever. This news is 2000 years old but is as current as your morning …

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He has risen, just like He said.

The most relevant thing that ever happened. He has risen! I’m all about the resurrection of Messiah, however, not everybody is. That lesson was driven home to me by a shocking experience I had years ago, early in my ministry. Let me tell you about it. ..more


The crucified the Light of life. I am talking about the crucifixion of Messiah, that we are studying this Sabbath. Surely, there was never a darker day than the darkest day in human history – the day Messiah – the light of the world – was snuffed out.  ..more