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Holy Time eBook-Free Download

Written by on 04/01/2017

Holy Time is the time system YHWH gave Israel. Holy Time is set-apart time, sanctified time. Holy Time belongs to Him but it is created for us, His holy people, so that we can meet Him and live our lives with Him.

  • Holy Time will give you a more Biblically correct understanding of Yah’s Appointed Times.
  • Absolutely know without a doubt the right time for Sabbath and other Holy Days!
  • Learn to live in Holy Time every day with Him!
  • To commemorate Passover, in this first month of this Biblical year, Eliyahu ben David is giving a special gift to Tsiyon Members. His eBook, Holy Time, is offered all of this month at no charge!

To download your free Holy Time eBook simply register and/or login to Tsiyon Tabernacle.  Then look for the Holy Time eBook cover on the home page to download the eBook.

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