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Mishkanim New Worship Album: Rejoicing

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Shalom, Emily here. It’s been awhile! 🙂

I’ll cut right to the chase. Aline and Howie of Mishkanim, one of many talented musical artist playing on our station, need some help releasing their upcoming album. This album is full of original worship music. I might be biased because I love all of Mishkanim’s albums so far, but I am absolutely certain this album is going to be awesome!

Mishkanim Rejoicing Fundraiser

Mishkanim needs help to release it though. Financial help is welcome but so is prayer! Here are ways you can help that they list on their fund raising page:

“Facebook etc… Spread the word! (word of mouth, email-send out to your email list and social networks)

Share with your congregation

Give to this project (donate and receive great incentives!)

Become a sponsor individually or as a congregation / group

Host a concert or even better help organize a mini tour in your area

Donate air miles or hotel points

Pray: Cover Mishkanim and everyone involved in prayer

Help with website

Make simple lyric collage videos of our songs for Youtube.”


Mishkanim also has different perks you can choose from if you donate depending on which bundle you choose. You can find out more about the perks and donate to their album, Rejoicing, at the link below:

Mishkanim Rejoicing Fundraiser

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