Tsiyon Tabernacle Dedication 7-DVD Set

Get the Tsiyon Dedication 7 DVD Set!

Hear the Tsiyon Story from the people who have actually lived it.

Eliyahu and Dawn tell the Tsiyon Story the way it happened from 2001 forward. This is a compelling and personal story of trials and triumphs. The loss of friends and loved ones, a tragic accident in the family, a fire that burned up everything, even dying and returning from death, none of these and more could stop the work of Tsiyon.

Personal interviews with Tsiyon Family & Team fill up several hours of this extensive 7 DVD set. You will hear personal interviews with all five of the Tsiyon children. Their stories of faith and truth may surprise you! Interviews with Tsiyon volunteers will help you understand why some very special people are joining with Tsiyon to help get out the Tsiyon message. The real faith exhibited in these interviews will bless your spirit.

Following are a couple of sample interviews we posted on YouTube.

Some other features of this DVD set include:

The entire 2015 Tsiyon Passover Service. If you have wanted to do Passover but weren’t sure how, this is a great model for a Passover anyone can do.

The historic Tsiyon Tabernacle Dedication Service. You’ve probably never seen a building dedicated to Messiah like this before.

A special teaching on the Tetrad Blood Moons and the Shmita years. This teaching follows up on this YouTube Video:

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Get the Tsiyon Dedication 7 DVD Set!

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