Messianic Verse of the Day

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The Messianic Verse of the Day is a short verse from Scripture that highlights Scripture themes which have often been overlooked; which themes Messianic believers are now bringing to the fore. If you are a Messianic believer you can help raise awareness of these important verses and the message they embody. The Sacred Name is represented in these verses by YHWH as directly transliterated from the Hebrew so that the Sacred Name, rather than a substitute, is presented as it actually appears in Scripture. Feel free to install The Messianic Verse of the Day on your website, and receive automatic verse updates for free as they are published! To include The Messianic Verse of the Day on your website, just follow the simple instructions below to have a fresh verse automatically display on your website each time your page is loaded!NOTICE: The Messianic Verse of the Day is NOT an email message, it is a feature for you to easily install on your website!

To install this Messianic Verse of the Day on your website follow the instructions below.

How this works on your website is simple. You install one piece of html code on your site where you want the verse to appear. In most cases the verse will display in the same font and colors you have already set for your webpage, so it will fit right in. It is in a small font so that you can easily find a place to display it on your site without making any big changes to your site.

Easily Display the Messianic Verse of the Dayon your Website!

Just copy and paste the following html code into your text editor, such as NotePad. Then copy and paste it from NotePad into you webpage code, where you want the Messianic Verse of the Day to appear. Then publish your webpage. That’s it!

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

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