Calendar Questions #118

The Torah Calendar New Year will be starting during the week of this program. We have been hearing questions related to the Torah New Year from listeners.

Questions include:

  •  When does the Torah New Year actually start?
  •  How do we know when a new year starts?
  •  Why does it matter?
  •  Why are there 13 months in some Torah years?
  •  Is this actually Year 5768 or Year 6008?
  •  Why the difference between those two year dates?
  •  What’s a Shmita Year and why should that matter to me?

Talk about dates is often thought of as boring. Not this time! Answers to these questions will take you on an exciting journey into the heart of our Father. By knowing what He has planned for this coming year you can move in those plans with Him!

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Wall of Fire #116

Second Exodus - Map

Second Exodus – Map

Wall of Fire is an awesome song by Tapestry of Praise that we have included in this program for your listening pleasure. It is also a fitting name for this episode of our program, even though our actual theme is: Listener Questions. One question we will be answering concerns the return of the Remnant of Israel back to the Land of Israel in the Second Exodus. This astounding event is foretold by the prophets and includes some unique details.

We’ve included a handy little map to help you follow some of the foretold events where they will actually be happening in that day in which the Living Elohim will reveal His glory to the whole world in His Remnant People. Talk about a Wall of Fire! Truly, there is NO ONE like Him!

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