Shavuot / Pentecost Early Rains #69

On the Shavuot / Pentecost of 33 C.E. amazing events unfolded in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit filled the talmidim of Y’shua and they all began speaking in other tongues – languages they had never learned to speak. The purpose of this startling gift of the Spirit was to empower those first disciples to communicate with Israelites from every corner of the known world who spoke all of those different native languages and who had traveled to Jerusalem to observe Shavuot there. Those travelers were in awe to hear the good news about Y’shua the Messiah spoken to them each in his own native language by simple country folk from Galilee! Not only that, but they had earlier witnessed unusual signs in the heavens and earth testifying to them of things they did not yet understand. As they wondered at these miracles Peter / Kefa and the rest of the Emissaries boldly explained to them from the prophecies of Joel and David how these signs bore divine witness to Y’shua the Nazarean whom their nation had offered up to be killed, but who had defeated death and sat at the right hand of God in Heaven! Why was all this happening THEN? They were living in the LAST DAYS! In this program you will learn what all of this meant in those last days – and what it means for these last days in which we NOW live.

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Promised Kingdom Power #64

Throughout His ministry Y’shua the Messiah displayed Kingdom power. He preached the good news of the Kingdom, cast out devils, healed the sick and even raised the dead by that awesome power. In fact, in the greatest display of Kingdom power of all time He even overcame death itself when He Himself was raised from the dead! For a period of forty days after His resurrection He taught His chosen Emissaries about the Kingdom and promised them the same Kingdom power that He had demonstrated. As we begin a fresh look at the Acts of the Emissaries we will consider Messiah’s promise of Kingdom power, what that power is, what that power was meant to accomplish, and what He taught them about the Kingdom. We will also consider the “rapture” of Messiah and what that means for the “rapture” of believers. All of this is essential information regarding the foundation of the early believing community and is still fundamentally important for all talmidim / disciples today!

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