The Jeconiah Curse & Y’shua’s Lineage #33

In modern times it has become popular in some circles to criticize the accounts of Y’shua’s Davidic lineage as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. In this program we list all of the commonly perceived problems with these Davidic genealogies and we begin an in-depth study of each point. As we go through this process you will find that Y’shua’s Davidic genealogy is established beyond reproach. This program deals largely with the so-called “Jeconiah Curse” which some claim disqualifies Y’shua from being the Messiah. Learn the amazing truth about this once and for all in this program.

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Decline of the House Of David #31

This On the Road to Tsiyon radio program is on the theme: “The Decline of the House of David”. It is another installment in our on-going study into Messiah’s title; “Son of David.” This segment focuses on the history of the Tribe of Judah from the Persian period until the time of Messiah, with emphasis on how and why the House of David went into decline during that period. You will also learn how events during the so-called “inter-testamental period’ shaped the world into which Messiah was born. One interesting point in the program reveals why the Rabbinical chronology of the Persian period was deliberately altered by 165 years. You will surely be amazed as you learn the facts about why the so-called “Jewish Year” is short by at least 165 years!

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