Acts of the Nazareans #70

You’ve heard of The Acts of the Apostles – but have you heard of The Acts of the Nazareans? Here at Tsiyon we have found that one needs to understand the Acts of the Nazareans to also fully grasp the Acts of the Apostles. By receiving the harmonious message of both you will get a fuller picture of the government of the “Early Church” of the first century. Oh, you haven’t heard of The Acts of the Nazareans? Then you really need to listen to this program! Some topics involved in this episode are: Commentary On The Acts Of The Church by Hegesippus, Jacob HaNasi father of Joseph the legal father of Yeshua the Messiah and Jacob’s brothers, Hizkiah and Judah and Hizkiah’s son Judah – all killed by Herod and the Romans as part of Herod’s personal war against the Davidic royal line. The early Nazareans, Y’shua’s family from Nazareth, that sheltered Joseph HaNasi and his twin brothers Ptolas and Clopas (Jacob’s sons by Cleopatra of Jerusalem), and later their families, away from the clutches of the Herodians. Meet the siblings of Christ: James the Just, Joseph, Simon and Jude – and also His sisters, Mary, Salome and Ann. Learn of the importance of Y’shua’s extended family including uncles and cousins, such as His cousin, Jesus of Gamala. Once and for all debunk the Holy Blood Holy Grail and Da Vinci Code nonsense about an alleged marriage of “Jesus and Mary Magdalene” and their alleged offspring. The Desposyni ARE NOT “offspring of Christ!” Learn who the desposyni really are and find out why you should care! Trust me – you SHOULD care! Don’t miss this program!

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Shavuot / Pentecost Early Rains #69

On the Shavuot / Pentecost of 33 C.E. amazing events unfolded in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit filled the talmidim of Y’shua and they all began speaking in other tongues – languages they had never learned to speak. The purpose of this startling gift of the Spirit was to empower those first disciples to communicate with Israelites from every corner of the known world who spoke all of those different native languages and who had traveled to Jerusalem to observe Shavuot there. Those travelers were in awe to hear the good news about Y’shua the Messiah spoken to them each in his own native language by simple country folk from Galilee! Not only that, but they had earlier witnessed unusual signs in the heavens and earth testifying to them of things they did not yet understand. As they wondered at these miracles Peter / Kefa and the rest of the Emissaries boldly explained to them from the prophecies of Joel and David how these signs bore divine witness to Y’shua the Nazarean whom their nation had offered up to be killed, but who had defeated death and sat at the right hand of God in Heaven! Why was all this happening THEN? They were living in the LAST DAYS! In this program you will learn what all of this meant in those last days – and what it means for these last days in which we NOW live.

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