Tsiyon 2 Yr Marker #104

This program marks 2 years that Tsiyon Radio has been broadcasting! In this program we take a look back over some of the highlights we’ve covered in the last year to get a grasp of the big picture so far. Topics include the Kingdom, Kingdom miracles, prophecy, the early believers, Messiah’s family, Yaakov HaTsadeek / James the Just, the Tent of David and what all of that means for the remnant today. We also discuss the personal challenges we have faced through the last year and where we are headed from here.

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Annapolis Meets Jerusalem #100

The Annapolis Mid-East Peace Conference: Will it result in partition of Jerusalem or even loss of Jerusalem with the holy sites such as the Temple Mount and Wailing Wall? Can the Annapolis peace initiative really bring peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians in 2008? What role does the Annapolis Conference play in Bible prophecy in these last days? This latest peace initiative facilitated by President Bush of the USA between Prime Minister Olmert of Israel and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has raised many questions among Messianic and Christian believers. This program addresses these questions while also seeking to simplify the issues regarding Jerusalem in the light of historical Bible truth. We go out on a limb with some definite predictions regarding what we expect in the light of Bible prophecy!

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