Worthy Is The Lamb! #127

Imagine yourself in heaven in the very presence of YHWH. How would you feel? How great a tragedy would it take to make you weep in THAT place? In Revelation 5 the writer of Revelation is seen to weep in heaven because of the tragedy he was witnessing. He saw the answer to all of the problems of the universe sealed up in a scroll with seven seals, being offered from the right hand of the Father on the Throne! Why is that tragic? Because NO ONE in heaven, on earth or under the earth was worthy to take the scroll and break its seven seals! ..but wait! There is One who is worthy. Worthy is the Lamb! HalleluYah!

Yes, you know that wonderful truth already. But do you know how those verses from Revelation 5 involve Israel?

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Revelation: The Kings Response #126

What drives the book of Revelation? Is it really just an unending series of woes and troubles poured out on the world with no clear reason or purpose? Revelation appears to many like an incomprehensible story with no unified plot. Actually, there is a critical unifying element to the Revelation “story” from which all of Revelation flows, that gives its “story” both order and purpose. When you understand what that critical unifying element is, where it comes from and what makes it necessary – only then will the Book of Revelation start making any real sense. This episode of our program will fill in this critical unifying element that has been skimmed over or left out of every other exposition of Revelation that you have ever heard or read. If you want to understand Revelation don’t miss this. It is literally what Revelation is all about!

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