Sect of the Nazarenes #03

Answers to listener feedback, including the distinction made between the Nazarenes and the Sect of the Nazarenes as presented in Scripture. That’s right, the Nazareans already existed before the community of disciples was founded. This program begins to unravel the connection between these two groups. This little known distinction opens up vast new understanding of the early Messianic community. Learn why Messiah was called Y’shua the Nazarean. A key program.

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The Prophecied Paradigm Shift #01

The people of God are in the midst of a paradigm shift of Biblical proportions. The radio program series “On the Road to Tsiyon” is designed to help you keep in step with this great change. This first program gives you the big picture of what this is all about and answers questions such as: Just what is a paradigm? Why is this question relevant to us today? How is it related to prophecy? What steps are involved in making a paradigm shift? What is the difference between the Greco-Roman paradigm and the Hebraic paradigm as applied to the Scriptures? These are just some of the questions answered in this first program designed to help you grasp an entirely different – but more accurate – way of seeing God’s Plan that He is bringing to light in these days. This is the Tsiyon program to hear first. That’s why its called #1!

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