Davidic Lineage of Jesus / Y’shua #34

All of these objections to the Davidic lineage of Jesus / Y’shua as found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are fully answered in this program:

1. Luke’s genealogy from David to Y’shua has 43 names while Matthew’s has only 28. That means Luke has 15 more names than Matthew for the same time period!

2. None of the names in the two accounts from David to Joseph are the same except for 2 or possibly 3 names; Shealtiel, Zerubbabel, and possibly Matthat (Matthan in Matthew).

3. Even Joseph’s father is different in each account. Matthew lists Jacob as Joseph’s father while Luke lists Eli!

4. Christians say Luke’s genealogy is through Mary but the Scripture says through Joseph.

All of these objections arise from a non-hebraic mindset. This program demonstrates that none of these supposed-problems are problems at all when viewing the same information from a Hebraic perspective! This is such a great example of why Torah knowledge is required to understand the “New Testament.”

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Zerubbabel and the Remnant #29

Zerubbabel was a descendant of King David who received the Temple treasures from the hand of Cyrus the king of Persia and led the Remnant out of Babylon to rebuild the Temple and re-establish true worship in Tsiyon. In doing so he and the returnees became part of a Divine drama pointing forward to the completion of the task that is presently just over the horizon for the Remnant of Israel in this final generation, here at the End of the Age. If you are part of that Remnant or sympathetic with them you will not want to miss this program!

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