The Mystery of God in Genesis #184

In the beginning ..the mystery of God.

Can you fathom the mystery of God?
Job 11:7

This first program in our new series exploring The
Mystery of Elohim/God
introduces the mystery in Genesis 1:1, viewed in light of the commentary by Yochanan the apostle, found in John 1:1-3, discussing the plurality of the term, Elohim.

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The Return of the Son of Man #23

What does it mean for the Son of Man to be glorified? What happens when He returns?What does it mean for your mortal body to be glorified like His? Just exactly what is the Blessed Hope as taught in Scripture and how does this differ from Greco-Roman ideas regarding the after-life? Understanding this aspect of Y’shua as Son of Man will give you amazing new clarity regarding exactly what God promises to every faithful believer who puts faith in the Son of Man.

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