Son of Man Our Redeemer #22

Often we miss profound truths about our Messiah as a man because we tend to be theologically fixated on His divinity. Of course that is important, but His manhood is just as vital to us.  Our redemption was accomplished by Messiah as Son of Man because only a man could save us, according to God’s plan. In this program we look at Y’shua’s manhood in depth to better understand exactly how His life has redeemed the believing sinner. You will have a new appreciation for what He did for you when you hear this program.

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You as a Son of Man #20

The fallen nature of man is to abdicate his God-given dominion. Men of Yah should be whole-heartedly taking righteous dominion in the kingdom of God, among His people, with the support of righteous women at their side. Instead we find a majority of women bearing the burden while many men think it unmanly to devote themselves to exercising dominion in the spiritual sphere. This is not Yah’s plan for His people. Believing men need to take righteous dominion in Yah’s name in their home, in their work and in the body of Y’shua. Men should ask themselves; “Have I abdicated the dominion like Adam did?” Men of God – step up!

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