Bless Israel and Be Blessed #30

No doubt you are closely following the news regarding the country of Israel during these troubled times. We especially feel for Messianic believers in Israel who are facing danger and hardship because of the ongoing war with the terrorists. For that reason we are taking an interlude from our regular series to present this Tsiyon Radio Special entitled: “Bless Israel and Be Blessed.”

In this program we offer comfort and encouragement to our Israeli brethren, we showcase some great Messianic music, and we discuss what the Scriptures say about Israel as relevant to the controversy of our day. We will also have some great suggestions on what we all can do to help our Israeli brothers and sisters at this time.

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Son of Man Our Redeemer #22

Often we miss profound truths about our Messiah as a man because we tend to be theologically fixated on His divinity. Of course that is important, but His manhood is just as vital to us.  Our redemption was accomplished by Messiah as Son of Man because only a man could save us, according to God’s plan. In this program we look at Y’shua’s manhood in depth to better understand exactly how His life has redeemed the believing sinner. You will have a new appreciation for what He did for you when you hear this program.

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