Passover Doom and Deliverance #120

The day before Messiah’s last Passover on earth He pronounced doom upon that unbelieving generation of Judea, finally saying; “..your house is left to you desolate.” With these words notice was served that YHWH had withdrawn from the Temple and the apostate worship centered there in that generation, leaving the apostates to the doom which was the consequences of their own actions. Immediately following, on Passover eve, Messiah conferred His rightful Kingdom authority in Israel upon the Messianic leaders He had chosen, saying; “I confer on you a kingdom, even as my Father conferred [it] on me.” With these actions Messiah transferred the rightful authority in Israel away from the religious leaders recognized by that religious system and to His followers, the remnant of faithful Israel. The rest of the time in that generation was devoted to a separating of Judea into two groups, the wicked and the righteous, who soon would be manifested as the damned and the delivered. All would choose one side or the other as there could be no middle ground. The historical record as conveyed through the Jewish priest-historian Josephus of what occurred on Passovers following throughout that generation undeniably supports the truthfulness of Messiah’s words. As we examine the historical record you will see that YHWH had, in fact, abandoned the Temple cult and left them to a horrible doom, while delivering the righteous followers of Messiah with a very tangible deliverance from that same doom. All of this is important for us to contemplate on this Passover, since we live in a parallel generation that is also fast moving towards a similar inevitable end with only one of two outcomes possible for each of us – namely, doom or deliverance. (Matthew 23:37-38, Luke 22:29,30)

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