BE Noah! – 007

Antediluvian Super-Continent

Antediluvian Super-Continent

Noah’s Flood is far more than a child’s fairytale. Every ancient culture retains a memory of the Flood and the Earth itself gives evidence that it was a real event – and Noah was a real person. He and his family survived when the whole rest of the world was washed away. Do you want to survive the imminent destruction of the world – this time by fire? Then BE Noah!

Learn how Noah was different, and copy what he did. That’s the lesson for our latest midrash.

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Thin Red Line – 006

Angels that sinned.

Elohim’s sons saw that men’s daughters were beautiful, and they took women for themselves, all those whom they chose. Gen. 6:2

In this EbD Bet Midrash we discuss Genesis 5:1-6:8. We compare the godly line of Seth with the wicked line of Cain, and we also discuss the amazing story of the angels who rebelled against Elohim to take women for themselves from among mankind, before the Great Flood. We bring Enoch into the picture, who wrote extensively about this, and include some new information.

NOTE: Free Enoch Sample Below!

Enoch Book of the Watchers

Tsiyon News (with chart)

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