Is Joseph Mr. Mary? #07

From the modern perspective Mary is the important parent of the Nativity while Joseph has been marginalized as little more than “Mister Mary.” This IS NOT the Biblical Hebraic perspective! There is a lot more to Joseph / Yosef than is usually acknowledged these days, as you will see in this continuing look at Messiah’s family. Other program highlights include the Hebraic concept of “father” and often overlooked details of Messiah’s Davidic lineage.

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Y’shua’s Family Album Pg 3 #06

Continuing our look at Y’shua’s family album we fast-forward to the Cross. There we find certain women bravely present and looking on. Who are these women? What is their relationship to Y’shua? Who else is related to Y’shua in connection with them and how? You will learn a lot about relationships of the early believing community as we also de-bunk some of the popular myths in the process. As you get to know more about Y’shua’s family relationships He will become more real to you than ever before.


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