Sect of the Nazarenes #03

Answers to listener feedback, including the distinction made between the Nazarenes and the Sect of the Nazarenes as presented in Scripture. That’s right, the Nazareans already existed before the community of disciples was founded. This program begins to unravel the connection between these two groups. This little known distinction opens up vast new understanding of the early Messianic community. Learn why Messiah was called Y’shua the Nazarean. A key program.

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Is the Church Israel? #02

There is a lot of confusion about what the Church is and what Israel is as presented in Scripture. This program will guide you through some key verses that will help you to make a start at clarifying this from the standpoint of first century believers in Messiah. This is a vital teaching for every believer and is also foundational to the rest of the On the Road to Tsiyon series.


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