Kingdom Covenant Renewed #53

Any lawyer, journalist or writer can tell you that a difference of one little word can change history. In this program you will learn just how true that has been regarding one changed word in the Bible. In the fourth century, the Roman Latin Vulgate translation substituted the Latin equivalent of the word “testament” for the Greek word that should have been translated as “covenant” in the Gospels. By the substitution of that one word the covenant instituted at the “last supper” by Messiah was disconnected from all of the covenants that came before it and from all of the prophecy of the Hebrew Scriptures relating to it. Now, as a Roman testament, it became the hallmark of a set of Scriptures reinterpreted to be the “New Testament” – seen as replacing the so-called “Old Testament” as now obsolete. Never mind the fact that a testament is of an entirely different nature from a covenant and that the word “testament” never properly refers to a collection of books! In this program we help you reverse some of the damage done as a result of this translation “calamity” as we restore the renewed covenant to its rightful Hebraic context. This information is fundamental to a right understanding of Yahweh’s unchanging progressive purpose. Don’t miss it!

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