Mega-War since 2008

Environmental warfare since 2008The Red Horse Rider of Revelation is given a “great sword.” This must be some new kind of weapon reserved for use in the end-days. Since 2008 an unprecedented kind of weapon has come to maturity – I’m talking about, environmental warfare technology. This final program on the Red Horse Rider brings you up to the present on how this terrifying weapon is actually being used, and what this means for the Remnant.

God’s Great Clock #291

In this 2nd interview on KKVV AM Las Vegas Eliyahu ben David talks on God’s Prophetic Clock,

 The Feasts of the Lord, Passover, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Succot, The Mazzaroth, Tetrads, Israel, Jerusalem, Comet Elenin, Bethula, Virgo, Leo, Signs in the Sky, Pyramids, mystery religion, Hegelian dialectic, NWO ..and a lot more!

God's Great Clock is Ticking!

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