Resurrection Lessons #62

After His bodily resurrection Y’shua the Messiah appeared to many over a period of 40 days, before finally returning to His Father in Heaven. Everyone to whom He appeared after His resurrection was profoundly changed by the encounter. In this program we consider the eye-witness reports of some of those encounters from Mark and Luke, and draw important lessons from them. We also consider some fascinating historical information regarding the two talmidim / disciples whom the resurrected Messiah walked, taught and ate with in the Emmaus visitation. They were, in fact, Y’shua’s uncle Klofah / Clopas and his cousin, son of Clopas, Simon / Simeon / Shimon who became a great leader among the believers and was martyred at an advance age, still holding to his testimony of the resurrected Y’shua the Messiah. Though these witnesses had their flaws, as do we all, this world is not worthy of men and women like these!

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