Touring Tsiyon Road #349

Touring Tsiyon Road

Range Rovers and Palm Trees

It’s time for us to take a little jaunt together down Tsiyon Road. This program will help to get you up to speed with the new Tsiyon Road radio station, the new website features and the vision that is behind it all. Come along! Come along!

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Prophecy Edifies #89

Imagine attending a meeting of the Messianic believers in the first century! In attendance we have several prophets, several teachers, some healers, some miracle workers, some exhorters, some who bring a psalm, prayer, revelation or other spiritual gift to the meeting and all intend to share their gift. With so many having a spiritual gift to share the meeting could become quite chaotic – but it doesn’t. Everything takes place in love according to a Divine order filled with peace. Messiah brings a personal blessing through all to all to edify each and every person in attendance! Would you like to be there at that meeting to receive what He has for you – and to share your gift with others? Don’t have a gift of the Spirit to share? You can! Messiah intends that every believer should have a gift to share and to receive from the gifts of others through regular attendance at such a gathering of the Body of Messiah. Due to the present state of things many of us don’t have that right now. Even so, it is uplifting just to know about this wonderful intention of our Father’s heart. In this program learn how such meetings function and especially what prophecy at such meetings is all about!

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