Discerning Times and Seasons

Discern Changing Times and SeasonsAs the birth pangs of this end-time generation increase it is tempting to look for an early return of Messiah. Some expect the “Rapture”, the Greater Exodus, or even the Great Tribulation, before 2018. This WILL NOT happen, since the underlying reasoning pointing to this date is faulty and will lead to disappointment. This begs the question: can we accurately discern the times and seasons of end-time events? Tsiyon Partners can view this live presentation tonight at 8 CST here: Tsiyon.net.

Kosmokratoras Rule the 70 Nations #277


When the Most High divided the nations, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of
the nations according to the number of the
angels of God.

Deu 32:8 LXX Brenton

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