Stand in the Evil Day #58

As people living along the east coast of the USA prepared for work the morning of September 11, 2001 it was a beautiful sun-shiny day like so many others. Who of them was prepared for the horrible events soon to unfold on that evil day? That lack of preparation proved to be a worse enemy than the actual enemy that planned and caused a massive loss of life on what we now simply call “9/11” in this “post 9/11” world. 9/11 is a modern example of an age-old scenario that has caught people of countless generations unawares. The talmidim / disciples of Messiah offer a prime example of how the evil day can catch good people unawares. Even the most courageous of them failed the test of that evil day. Their story is recorded in Scripture, not to embarrass them, but to be an object lesson for us so that we WILL NOT fail the test when our own evil day falls upon us. In this final generation we need to realize that there are more evil days coming in which things will happen that we can’t now even imagine. This program is meant to fortify you to be able to stand when the evil day comes, no matter what it may bring.

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