Sky Signs Interview #290

In this live interview on KKVV AM Las Vegas    Eliyahu ben David talks on Sky Signs,  

Including: The Mazzaroth, Comet Elenin,           earthquakes, weird weather and other    
earth and sky phenomena now in evidence.      

What does it all mean?  

Elenin is coming!

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Evil Day Preparedness – #60

After two programs about the Evil Day some of you have asked how to prepare – and even whether to prepare. The list of conditions Messiah foretold for this generation in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 sounds quite daunting: wars, famines, plagues, earthquakes, natural disasters, social unrest, terror, big signs in the sky, hatred, persecution, betrayal, false prophets, increasing iniquity, love of many growing cold. How can we possibly prepare for all of that? And isn’t God going to just protect us no matter what we do? Don’t count on that one friends. Bad things DO happen to good people sometimes, which is why we need to follow the Word to be wise. In this program we focus on the recommended Scriptural response to all of these end time troubles that are sure to get increasingly more intense as we continue to move rapidly onward toward the climax of this age. You CAN be ready for the evil day! This program will tell you how!

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