Lesser-Known Passovers #119

The new Torah Year of 6008 is here and Passover quickly approaches. As we know, Passover commemorates the first Passover of Israel coming out of Egypt and finds it’s fulfillment in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God. However, there have been other lesser known Passovers that are both instructive and inspiring to consider. Do you know what happened during the first Passover of Joshua/Y’shua and the first generation of Israel to enter the Promised Land? How about the year the Temple was built? One of my favorites was the Passover called by King Josiah/YoshiYah that was held after Israel had LOST THE TORAH – yes, the Torah was actually lost and forgotten – and then found again! And how about the “revival” and Passover of Hezekiah/Y’chizqiYah that was greater than any Passover of any of the kings of Israel? Do you want an example of “grace” in the “Old Testament”? Then you will love this story! In this program we also answer the question: Is Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread together 7 days or 8 days long? Is Passover to be commemorated on the evening of the 14th or the 15th of Aviv? What do the Scriptures say? What does the priest, Josephus, say was the practice in the first century? Listen to this program and get into a Passover state of mind.

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