Sacred Duty – 107

Know your Sacred Duty“You shall perform your duty…” Bamidbar/Numbers 18:5

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The Matrix Unplugged – New Life! #111

After the truth seeker, Neo, was unplugged from the Matrix he realized he had a whole new life ahead of him. After Messiah Y’shua unplugs you from the matrix of this world system you have a whole new life ahead of you – and even inside of you! Why? Because Y’shua the Messiah, the only-begotten Son of God, came into the world as a Seed bearing the Divine Life. When that Seed is planted in you then you have the very Life of God in you, making you a child of God and yourself a bearer of His Eternal Life. What will you do with so great a gift? In Yochanan/John 17 Y’shua poured out His heart’s desire to His Father for all of us who have received/will receive His Divine Life to become children of the only true God. In that special prayer Messiah makes His heart’s intention known for every believer, including you. Do you want to know where your life is meant to go? Consider this High Priestly Prayer of Messiah for YOU!

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