Raising a Remnant #96

Homeschooling of believing children is not a new idea. It is a Hebraic value that originates in the Torah. From the 80s forward a growing movement of parents have felt called to take up this mandate to educate their children at home rather than to leave that vitally important task to others. Many of these are remnant families who have been raising a new generation of remnant children schooled by their parents in the ways of believing Israel rather than in the ways of the world. In this program Eliyahu ben David interviews a homeschooling remnant mom who is one of the pioneers of the homeschooling movement. Her testimony illuminates the importance of homeschooling among the remnant of Israel. If you are a homeschooler this program will encourage you on in that noble choice. If you have thought of homeschooling but have felt inadequate then you will receive vital information from this interview.

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