The Matrix-Accessing the Storehouse #113 (Dawn’s Vision)

The Matrix Movie character Morpheus: How do you define real? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Your mind is perfectly capable of perceiving dreams as reality, though your dreams do not require input from your actual senses at all. This tells us that what we perceive as reality is actually electrical stimuli interpreted in the brain. Elohim (God) made your brain! He can input images in the form of dreams and visions upon it to communicate His message for the hour. In fact, He has done so with many Biblical figures and still does so today. In this episode Dawn shares such a vision from YHWH, while, through Eliyahu ben David, the Ruah (Spirit) Scripturally interprets the amazing message for this hour that YHWH seeks to convey to all of us through that vision. Here’s fresh Manna (bread from above) to feed your spirit and meet the practical needs of your life. Children of Yah ..don’t be late for dinner!

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The Matrix – Perspective (Eliyahu’s Divine Encounter) #112

Morpheus says of the Matrix; “You have to see it for yourself.” You can’t really know what the Matrix is without a change in your own perspective – seeing the Matrix for yourself from outside the Matrix. In this program Eliyahu ben David tells how YHWH broke through into his life from outside the Matrix of this world to enable Eliyahu to see the world we all live in from the Divine point of view. The end result of this change of perspective in Eliyahu’s life was death to this world and a radical new Life propelling him onward in the will of the Father. Do you want to see this world – and even “the Body of Christ” – as Heaven sees them right now? Then don’t miss the unique revelation offered to you in this program!

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