The Matrix – Splinter In Your Mind #108

“A splinter in your mind” is a cryptic phrase from the movie, The Matrix. Morpheus says of this phrase to the truth seeker, Neo, “this is what has brought you to me.” He explains the phrase as meaning a nagging “feeling that you can’t explain that there is something wrong with the world.” Throughout history truth seekers have been driven in their search by this deep inner groaning that there is something wrong with the world. Why are so many tormented by this question? What effect does that nagging sense have on society and on the individual lives of so many? What can the truth seeker do to extract “the splinter in your mind” – that unrelenting inner sense that something is terribly wrong in their lives? This program offers hope to everyone who is seeking the answer to these basic questions involved with living on planet Earth in the 21st century.[Movie clips included in this program including the names, Morpheus, Agent Smith, Mr. Anderson, Neo and Trinity are from “The Matrix” copyright 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures.]

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