The Great Judaic Schism

Great Judaic SchismIn our time Middle Eastern religious fervor is seen as a threat to the entire civilized world. Two thousand years ago Judean zealots were seen by Europeans in a similar light to how modern day ISIS is seen today. This had a profound effect on the world then, with ramifications that remain with us to this day. View this video presentation to learn more.

Apostle James the Just #71

What do The Gospel of the Nazarenes, The Gospel According To The Hebrews and the original Hebrew Gospel Of Matthew have in common? According to “early church” writings they were all the same Gospel! This original Hebrew Gospel, said to be written by the Apostle Matthew, was used by the Hebrew-speaking believers into the fourth century. It was also used by early “Church Fathers” such as Jerome and Origen. Today this original Hebrew Matthew is gone, except for about 20 fragments contained in quotes from other early writers. What became of it? Amazingly, Cyril, a Roman Catholic Bishop, admitted to having BURNED it as heresy! What could the Apostle Matthew possibly have said that was so damaging to the Roman Church that they would burn an original Gospel from one of the Twelve Apostles? This mystery becomes clear in this episode of our program as we look into the suppressed truth about the Apostle, James the Just, known also as “brother of the Lord.”

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