The Missing Church

The Missing ChurchWhat if the Christian Church is not really the movement founded upon Christ and the Apostles in the 1st Century? What if the Christian Church is really a heretical schism that broke away from that original movement later, in a whole other century? What if the schism group eventually became larger than the original group? What if the larger schism rewrote history to appear as if THEY were the original group? Would you be fooled by this bait-and-switch tactic? Which movement would you want to be a part of, the original or the break-away group? Consider the real evidence. Tsiyon Partners can view this live presentation tonight at 8 CST here:


The Renewed Temple #82

Many people think of the Jerusalem Temple as being a fixed institution of Israel. The truth is though, that what became the Temple went through a number of permutations from no temple at all to a simple altar of uncut stones, to the Mishkin / Tabernacle / Tent, to the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. Through Isaiah the prophet YHWH foretold a renewed Temple in the earth under the reign of Messiah that would operate upon a new and better principle than all earlier temples. Later, Renewed Covenant writers, such as Kefa / Peter picked up on the Temple prophecies of the Tenach and taught the scattered remnant of Israel on their fulfillment. As we learn about the Renewed Temple we soon find a blueprint there of our own purpose and identity in Messiah that has the startling effect of renewing US!

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