The Way of the Nazareans #12

Y’shua the Messiah was a Nazarean. The Nazareans were faithful descendants of David dedicated to the preservation and practice of the Davidic Covenant. They belonged to none of the Jewish sects of Y’shua’s day. Instead, they walked in the Way pioneered by their Patriarch, David HaMelek / King David. That Way was dramatically different than all the sects of Judaism and every religion known to man. It is called The Way of the Righteous. Find out what is so uniquely special about this Way as compared to every other. Don’t miss this, because you HAVE NOT heard it before!

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Y’shua’s Family Album Pg 2 #05

Continuing our look at the maternal side of Y’shua’s family we explore more about Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John the Baptist. Discussing them brings us to other topics, such as:

  • Wisdom of the Just.
    Advantage of the poor in the Kingdom.
  • The House of David identified with the poor.
  • Mercy to Israel.
  • Miracle birth of Yochanan the Immerser / John the Baptist born to a Spirit-filled family.
  • The tender mercy of our God.
  • Promise for a new day.


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