Unrestricted Warfare Revisited #284

Unrestricted Warfare Revisited

Nation will rise against nation
empire will rise against empire…

Matthew 24:7

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Evil Day Part 2 – #59

This program is loaded with truth about the reality of the big picture of the world we are living in today and where we are unmistakably headed in the near, mid and longer term future. You may find this truth very scary. You will learn why the entire world is involved in a war right now that is already bigger than any of us can imagine. I am not just talking about the so-called “terror war” of 9/11 fame or even the Iraq War. It turns out these are just visible manifestations of a new kind of larger war most of us have never heard of called “Unrestricted Warfare” which involves every aspect of whole societies in deliberate conflict with one another. “Unrestricted Warfare” is also the name of a Chinese military manual from 1999 that set out the strategy used in the 9/11 terror attacks and that is clearly seen in today’s world events in every sphere – once you know what to look for. This Chinese war manual, and other facts from the most reputable sources, indicates that the Biblical prediction of “empire rising against empire” as the driving force in the events of this generation is now being fulfilled. According to Bible prophecy this global clash of power blocks will produce ever-increasing distresses from now until Messiah returns and will certainly impact us all. When you factor in what experts are saying about “Peak Oil” and the rapidly declining supply of oil in the ground the picture becomes clear why we are already in WWIII and why our lives must drastically change. Does all of this sound alarmist to you? Listen to the program and research the sources – then get your spiritual life and practical life in order for coming events that are presently beyond belief. As solid as all of these facts are, I wouldn’t be capable of believing this either, accept that these events are all foretold in Scripture to occur in this generation. Through faith in the living God you CAN prepare yourself to stand in the evil day!

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