Messianic Pentecost / Shavuot #66

A key element of replacement theology holds that the new “Christian Religion” was born on the “Pentecost” of Acts Chapter Two. In this program we de-bunk that myth by investigating what Pentecost was really all about. In the process we discuss the connection between Shavuot, Passover, Unleavened Bread, the Waiving of the Omer, the Counting of the Omer, the First Fruits Offering, the Giving of the Covenant at Sinai and the Renewed Covenant at Pentecost of Acts Two. Through this discussion we will find that the believers did not start a new religion on Pentecost. Instead we find that the Remnant of Faithful Israel were renewed in the Covenant as the Holy Nation of YHWH on that very special day! You will find this to be a very timely program which explains details of the real meaning of this season on the Torah Calendar.

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