The Great Judaic Schism

Great Judaic SchismIn our time Middle Eastern religious fervor is seen as a threat to the entire civilized world. Two thousand years ago Judean zealots were seen by Europeans in a similar light to how modern day ISIS is seen today. This had a profound effect on the world then, with ramifications that remain with us to this day. View this video presentation to learn more.

History of Davidic Leaders #28

Two flavors of Davidic leaders emerge in the history of the Davidic line in this 4th episode exploring the meaning of “son of David.” The two flavors are “wicked” and “righteous.” This program looks at both flavors as we highlight the Davidic line from Solomon down to Daniel. Oh, you didn’t know Daniel was a Davidic leader? Then don’t miss what this program reveals about Daniel! Also in this program is surprising information about the prophet Elijah from Scripture that you have probably never heard before. All in all, this little history lesson clears up common errors while paving the way for greater truth.

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