#123 Revelation Judgment of the House of God

On The Road To Tsiyon

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9/20/23 4:30 am 5:30 am

Revelation Judgment of the House of God #123

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Had your wicks trimmed and oil level adjusted lately? Revelation 1-3 reveals Messiah as our great High Priest inspecting the menorahs and judging each one "according to their deeds." This Revelation judgment of all professed believers as pictured by the "Seven Churches of Asia" follows the Hebraic pattern that "judgment must begin with the House of God."



Judgments of commendation (if any), Judgments of sin (if any),Judgments of punishment (if any),Judgments of reward – For overcomers ONLY!

Find out how the judgment on the original “Seven Churches of Asia” was literally fulfilled and what that means for all professed believers RIGHT NOW!


On the Road to Tsiyon with Eliyahu and Dawn

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