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Fitly Framed Temple

On The Road To Tsiyon #83

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Fitly Framed Temple

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Roll up your sleeves and get out your toolbox! Today we are going to scope out the Temple blueprints and maybe even start framing up some of the Temple walls. Of course, before we do any actual construction we need to make sure we are building on the foundation. (A LOT of construction has already been done upon no foundation at all!) Check out those blueprints! We must build on the three-fold foundation that cannot be moved. The Chief Cornerstone is Messiah Himself. Built into Him is the whole work and Word of Yah with, to and through Israel. Among other things this includes Torah, as well as Davidic leadership under the Davidic covenant and everything built into the tribal structure of Israel. Next come the Twelve Apostles personally laid in place by Messiah Himself, completing the foundation. Wow! That three-fold foundation CANNOT BE SHAKEN! Now that we are firmly on THAT immovable foundation we can begin to frame in the superstructure upon it - namely, the faithful remnant of Israel. Then the believing remnant of the nations can be framed in as well, as one unified and solid building finally begins to take shape and grow up in the earth. For that to happen care must go into fitly framing each joint together precisely in its right place. Only Yeshua can get that right! These living stones can be slippery though - they don't always stay in the place they are designed for. But don't worry. The construction is under way and soon one unified Temple will stand in the earth, perfectly crafted to shine forth His multi-faceted wisdom before all the universe. Now, THAT'S a TEMPLE!


On The Road To Tsiyon with Eliyahu and Dawn

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