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Hidden in Plain Sight

Fred McAdams

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Hidden in Plain Sight

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Fred McAdams is no stranger to Tsiyon. He joined our Talmidim program, back around 2007. He finished it too, an accomplishment for which he can be proud. Now, the student becomes a teacher, here at Tsiyon. That is not to say Fred hasn’t done a good bit of teaching elsewhere. Like many of us, Fred started in the Christian world, and he gave it his all. As he progressed he was often recognized as a gifted teacher, and was used in that capacity to teach at Church. Alas, that was destined to come to an end, after Fred got a grasp of the truth we teach here at Tsiyon. This level of truth disturbs people. Generally speaking, the church system doesn’t want this truth spoken in church, under the general category of “don’t rock the boat.” That didn’t work for Fred, even though he is such a warm and friendly guy. Fred is a lover of truth, so like Peter / Kefa and John / Yochanan, Fred’s response had to be, ‘I cannot stop speaking about the things I’ve seen and heard.’ So Fred, not wanting to be rebelliously teaching things the church didn’t yet accept, felt he needed to back away from teaching there . (Acts 4:20)


Fred continues to love Christians, and he continues to want to share with them the truth that he has learned – a truth that he says is “Hidden in Plain Sight.” He intends to make that truth even plainer for all who will listen, which is why YHWH has opened a door for Fred to teach on Tsiyon Road. We couldn’t be happier about that here. Nobody teaches with greater persuasion than someone who really cares – and Fred does. Just listen. Get your relatives and friends to listen. You and they will not only be persuaded by the truth, but also by the caring heart of this man who has himself been persuaded by the truth, and who loves his fellow-man enough to share that truth with them.

Here is what Fred sent to us that made us know he is ready:

About 2007 I started studying the world a little closer. I would stay up at night doing “Wikiwalks”. I would look up one thing on Wikipedia, and on the page would be a link to something else connected to it. I would go from one page to another, really fun. Well after a while I had a bunch of puzzle pieces and no way to find any sense to it. But something was horribly wrong. I knew it, but could not see the forest through the trees.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle. I was an above average Christian. Played Guitar in worship band. I was a Youth Leader, read my Bible, all that stuff. But no “real” faith. One night I watched a piece on YouTube. It showed how all the pagan religions followed the “Christian Jesus” story. My faith was rocked. I almost walked away entirely.

Then one day I was at work and I heard “Tower Seven, just look at Tower Seven” in my head. Over and Over. So to YouTube I went, and Ka-Pow!! A smoking gun. I was watching the [controlled] demolition of a building that I didn’t even “know” about. How could this be? Well, this lead to alternative media. And that lead to a fellow that was real strange but talked about a Yeshua with some second name like “HaMishiac.” And this dude was real PO’d at some people that were doing all this stuff.

Then it all hit me. One night, one moment. The Lord decided I was far enough away, and he was pulling me back. That night it all came together. I realized that the type of Evil that made all of this happen was not “Dime Store” Evil. No, this was much more than that. This was the Beast, and his System. I had all the pieces thrown together before my eyes, like a puzzle being magically put together. I was scared, and felt like I was falling down an elevator shaft, but the night was not done yet. As I remember the feeling of spinning there was this darkness and what appeared to be eyes, and a voice that said “So what if you know? There is nothing you can do about it!”. I have often wondered if I imagined this or if it was real. Either way, Yah made me to be a person that gets up when told he can’t.

I died that day. My world as I knew it was gone. there was no going back. The red pill was taken, or forced down my throat. But I was all alone. People didn’t understand what I knew. They could not hear me. Most still can’t. I went to Revelation .. Uh-oh! I don’t get this. So for once I did something smart. I called out to the Lord. But this time I “believed” my petition. I told Him I don’t understand, but I know I have to. Well, this was my prayer: “Tell me where to go to understand Revelation”. After all, I had read several “Christian” books on Revelation, why don’t I get it? Answer from the Lord: “Go Back to Genesis.” Well about 1/2 way through Leviticus I remember telling a co-worker, “I’m glad all this was done away with cause I don’t get it” ..GASP.. Well to cut to the chase, I knew I didn’t get it. So once again i prayed for a teacher to help me to “Understand” this Book.

By this time I was searching AM stations looking for teaching. There was a station .. one day they played your show. I heard it a couple of times, but it was only a few minutes here and there. I almost drove off the road one morning as you explained what I already knew about the election system and what people”thought” they were getting. I said, “This guy is talking to me.”

Back to the prayer for a teacher. I thought well enough of you to ask you a question. And you invited me to join the Talmidim Program. It was within days of my request for a teacher and just seemed right. So I joined and never looked back. ..Bottom Line, Yahweh has made himself known to me. Its not Church to me. I don’t see what others see anymore. But this, I need not explain to you. ..Well you know the rest of the journey, and its not over yet. But you see, this is personal for me. I was challenged by a demon to sit down and shut up. And I know the odds. But I also know Yahweh. And I have found his Covenant. I do not fear death, for I am already dead, to the world. It “knows me not for my Father knows me.”

I know we are the End Time Saints spoken of by the Prophets. And I have a lot at stake. I am not saying I know everything, I learn more everyday. What I am saying is I know what Yahweh wants me to know. I am his Bond-servant. There are others sleeping, and God willing, I intend to wake them up. I am alone and tired of it. We have a whole Kingdom just needing a splinter in their mind. I intend to put the splinter in em. I ain’t messing around!

Now, here is what Fred would like to share with you:

Hello my name is Fred McAdams. I am married for almost 20 years, with two children. I have lived in beautiful Oregon for the last 17 years. I have been blessed to be a Tsiyon Ministry Partner for the last three years. In about 2007 I was really convicted to return to studying scripture on a deeper level. In my journey back to Genesis I was quickly lost with what I understood from my Christian walk. I started over from scratch, threw out what I thought I knew and my New journey began.

I firmly believe that restoring the original Hebrew perspective that our Scriptures were written in is essential. My excitement was growing as I understood more and more of the Father’s Will and what being a Bondservant of Yeshua/Jesus really meant. But to my dismay; others weren’t getting what I was saying. As if the message was blocked somehow. I concluded that what I was seeing and hearing from scripture was the result of Yahweh’s grace to open my eyes and ears. But if I didn’t break through certain doctrinal traditions I couldn’t hear the scriptures precepts for what they were really saying. My mission now is to lead as many people as I can back to the scriptures. I hope to share some of the keys in scripture that I believe Yahweh used to open my eyes.

Yeshua is waiting for each of us to come back to him with circumcised hearts and open minds. We simply cannot squeeze Yahweh or Yeshua into the Greco/Roman box we grew up understanding. The scriptures are how Yahweh communicates with us, so consequently we need to read it from his perspective not ours. We will do this by restoring context and history. My prayer to the Father is this “Give me the words to say to get people back into your Bible.”

My focus is, bringing Christians back to the Torah/Prophets so they can discover Yeshua on a whole new level. We are told that Torah is not for us ….Guess again. It’s your instruction manual for life from the Father. It gives ALL of us the Father’s teaching and instruction. It lays the framework for ALL future revelations. And without it very little will ever make sense in your Bible. This, in my opinion, is what leads to so many interpretations. And allows for the enemy to scatter and divide us with denominations.

The remnant is rising and they are ready for meat. I plan on serving grade “A” choice cut Prime Rib every week. I hope you learn something new. And please test what I say and research for yourself the topics discussed on this show. I am learning more and more all the time. The mind is like a book “It only works when it’s open.” This means we all need to learn to grow in our knowledge. We need to humble ourselves and get a few things straight if we are going to reach ALL of the Remnant of Israel.

Hear Hidden in Plain Sight with Fred McAdams every Sabbath on Tsiyon Road:

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