Utterly Destroy and Plunder the Giants -Devarim 2:16-3:29 – EBDM 124

Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash - Genesis

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Utterly Destroy and Plunder the Giants -Devarim 2:16-3:29

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Giants couldn't possibly be real, right?

That's problematic for some Bible readers, because giants are reported as being real in the Bible. For example, in the portion of Deuteronomy we're addressing in this Midrash, history involving six different tribes of giants is stated, in much the same way as you might read in a newspaper. Many people assume this part of the Bible must be mythical - but it doesn't sound mythical. In fact, everything else in the account is tied to real places, real people, and real events, with the giants as part of the real story. Tune in to learn more!



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