End of the World

What if history is not just a random series of events? What if if is HisStory and it is pre-planned for a purpose? Could Bible prophecy simply be HisStory written in advance? Could we be at the end of the world? (no this study isn’t sensationalized) read more . ….

The Last Great Day

The Fall feasts of the Seventh Month are all prophetic of events scheduled in the Plan of YHWH, starting . . . read more

Building the Beast

Would you try this for 5 bucks? …more

Five loaves and two fishes

Can you make an impact?    …more

Sheep or Goat?

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Everybody makes a choice. They often call it a parable. While it follows a couple parables in Matthew 25, the story including the “sheep and goats” is not a parable. It is simply a narration of future events.   ..more