More Rare than Gold

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Yeshua Ministered on the Sabbath

Yeshua Ministered on the Sabbath. Y’shua observed, and ministered on, the Sabbath. We are reminded of this frequently in Luke 4, and many other places in the Gospels. In fact, He even referred to Himself as “Lord of the Sabbath” – a rather amazing title  …more

The empty tomb

Survival of the Rich and the Empty Tomb.  The super-rich are right. This world is a freight train, out of control and headed toward disaster – their disaster. This is the reality that Bible prophecy foresaw long ago, coming to pass now, hastening forward before our eyes. Despite all this,…

Experience the Torah

New! Experience the Torah. If you are ready to feast on meat from the Scriptures beyond your imagination – If you want to see your life explode with good fruit for the Kingdom – if you want to be an actual part of the Biblical narrative instead of a mere…

Commandments or Traditions?

Traditions can get weird. An outsider might think that a religious tradition of such apparent emotional attachment must be well known in its origins. Actually, that is not the case at all.  …more

The plot to kill Messiah begins

How do you win against these people?  ..more