Did Messiah’s Family Believe

The tyrants of the world don’t want you to know . . . Read more

It is Finished!

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It is Finished! . . . more

Kingdom Come

Flawed predictions for 2019    …more

Yeshua Ministered on the Sabbath

Yeshua Ministered on the Sabbath. Y’shua observed, and ministered on, the Sabbath. We are reminded of this frequently in Luke 4, and many other places in the Gospels. In fact, He even referred to Himself as “Lord of the Sabbath” – a rather amazing title  …more

The Sabbath is bigger than an elephant.

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What’s bigger than an elephant? ..more

Authority of the Son of Man

The problem and the solution. The fact is, our Creator gave dominion of the earth to mankind, for the benefit of us all. Man has authority over the earth – not the other way around  ..more