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Welcome! This evening Passover will have arrived, and I want to invite you to join us for this 2021 Passover memorial. Passover, as you know, is a time when . . . read more in this Tsiyon News

You are invited to this special free event!  This is our high and holy calling – to manifest Him in this world, to the glory of Elohim, our Father. ..more

Shalom Friends! If you’ve been a Messianic believer for a while then you probably know how important the Torah is to living a life set apart to YHWH. Recently, we aired Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash #070 entitled “Glory!” which is the last program in the Midrash’s Exodus series. That means that this next Sabbath, starting May 3rd, we’ll begin airing […]

Holy Time is the time system YHWH gave Israel. Holy Time is set-apart time, sanctified time. Holy Time belongs to Him but it is created for us, His holy people, so that we can meet Him and live our lives with Him. Holy Time will give you a more Biblically correct understanding of Yah’s Appointed […]