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The Last Age of the World – See it free on live video!

Ancient sages, both Jewish and Christian, taught that the six days of Creation, followed by the 7th day Sabbath, prefigure the Ages of the World. There are variations on this theme, but generally the idea is that the 6 Days indicate 6 Ages of 1,000 years each, in which man rules. In this view the last age of the world concludes after 6,000 years, with a 1,000 year Sabbath Age to follow.

This is of special interest to our generation, because Bible chronology indicates we have recently passed the 6,000 year mark, and the anticipated 1,000 year Sabbath has not yet materialized. This prompts a number of questions:

  • Is the “Six Ages” theory wrong?
  • Is the available Bible chronology wrong?
  • Could we really be near the end of the Last Age of the World?
  • These and other questions will be answered during this live video streamed presentation. Where we are now in the Biblical Ages will emerge, as we perceive in the Biblical timing the battle cry now reverberating in heavenly places.

    Bible teacher, radio host and best-selling author, Eliyahu ben David, will present this gripping four part presentation, to be video streamed live.

    You are invited to enjoy these live streamed video events absolutely free!

    Sept 17 – 8 PM CST – Introduction to the Ages of the World

    Sept 24 – 8 PM CST – Spiritsong / The Ages of Creation

    Oct 1 – 8 PM CST – Spiritsong / The Ages of the World

    Oct 8 – 8 PM CST – The Last Age of the World

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