Troubleshooting Login Issues

The vast majority of folks can log into the Tabernacle without any problems.  However, if you are experiencing trouble, it could be something unique to your computer, software, or your personal security preferences.  Each of the member accounts have been tested and your log in information is working properly.

NOTE: All of the images below, used to illustrate each step, are clickable.  That means if you click on the image, the image will “pop out” displaying each step larger and more clearly.   To return to this post, click the “back arrow” on your web browser.

Are you already logged in?  You can not log in if you are already logged in. The log in screen will not display.  Instead, you will see the Tsiyon Tabernacle Home page. Depending on your personal settings and the software you are using, you may be logged in from your last session.  If you have “email notifications” turned on, you will be sent an email whenever someone comments on your page, sends you a private message, wants you to join a group, or wants to be your friend. Clicking the email notification link will produce an error message, if you are not logged in, or will take you directly to the Tabernacle, if you are logged in.

Too many attempts? This is a case of the bad-folks online ruining it for the good people.  To prevent spamming computers from doing bad things online at any website, the programmers who write login software lock out any one computer who tries multiple times to log in.  There isn’t anything we can do if this happens.  This security measure can’t be undone.  Please check back later to log in.  If this happens, you will see this error message: “Max failed logins.  Please wait 30 minutes and try again.”


Receiving “Your Account has not been Activated” Error Message? When you try to log in, if the error message below pops up, it means you still need to activate your account.  When you registered at our website, an email was sent to you from the Tsiyon Tabernacle.  You need to click on the link within that email to verify your email address. This allows us to send email to your email account and for you to log in.  If you cannot find the activation email or cannot get the link to work, please click on “Live Help” below and we will help you to activate your account and verify your email address.


Did you type both your Username and Password correctly? If not enter it correctly.  Pay close attention to see that you are correctly typing all capital and small letters, numbers, and not adding any spaces. If you have entered your information incorrectly, the screen will “shake” (moving from left-to right) for a few seconds and then this error message will appear:

TT-invalid uername

Did you enter your email address instead of your username? If so, enter your user name. If you make the mistake of entering your email address instead of your username for security reasons you won’t get an error message specifically telling you to enter your username instead of your email but you won’t be allowed to login until you do so. The error message will read, “ERROR: Invalid username.” with a clickable link to recover your password if you’ve lost it. If you do not remember your username, you can use the “Lost your Password?” link to recover it (see instructions below) or click on “Live Help” below for assistance.


Reset Your Password:  Still can’t log in? It could be due to your software settings, a cookie problem, or any number of other problems with your computer’s settings.  One method that can overcome the majority of these problems is to reset your password. NOTE: These same password-recovery steps outlined below will also help you to remember your username, if you have forgotten it, or if you do not know it.

  • Enter your Tsiyon-registered email address in the box.  Please double-check your email address is entered correctly without any typos. Then click on “Get New Password” as shown below.  TIP: If you have more than one email address, try them all or contact us via live help below for assistance.


  • If something has gone wrong, you will see the error message below explaining the reason you cannot log in is because “There is no user registered with that email address.”

TT-no user

This error message may indicate you’ve entered your email address incorrectly. If you have more than one email address, you may have entered a different email address than the one you used to register at the forum.  If so, please check your other email addresses by entering them into the “Username or E-mail” box.   If none of your email addresses are registered, you can click on the “Register” link and fill out your registration info. If you need help, please click on Live Help below.

  • If you have been successful in entering your email address, you will see the message “Check your e-mail for the confirmation link” as shown below.


  • Next, log in to your email account.  Locate the email from Tsiyon Tabernacle.  It  will come “From” Tsiyon Tabernacle and will have the subject line of “[Tsiyon Tabernacle] Password Reset” as shown below.  NOTE:  Your email software may look different than the email account shown below but the “From” and “Subject” information will include the same text.
  • Password Reset Tsiyon Tabernacle emailRead the email.  You will see the link to reset your password.  NOTE:  Your email account may display differently, but here is how the email looks in one email software program.  Some of the details have been blurred for security.  You must click the link in your email as the link contains information specific to your account.  You cannot click the link from someone else’s email or copy the information from this image. Password Reset Email
  • Clicking on the link from your email.  It  will take you to the website to reset your password.  The website page will prompt you to enter your new password two times.  You will need to enter the same password twice, or you will get an error message which says “Mismatch” as shown below.  If you receive this “Mismatch” error message, please delete the text in each box and start over carefully typing your new password the same in both the “New Password” box and the “Confirm New Password” box.Password Miss-Match
  • When you enter the same password twice, the box will look like the illustration below.  See the “Hint” for details about what makes one password stronger than another but be sure to pick a password you can remember.  When you are happy with your password, click “Reset Password” as shown below.  NOTE:  If you have trouble remembering your online usernames and passwords, please read this article.


  • You will now see this success message!


Click on the “Log In” link as shown.  Enter your Username in the first box.  In the second box, type your new password.

tabernacle login

When you click on “Log In” it should look like this for first time visitors:


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